Zaozhuang Mining Group Belt Scales Case


Project overview

Customer background

The famous Zaozhuang Mining Group is currently the second largest coal company in Shandong. The company has a long history and is one of the three major coal mines in modern China. The company is currently large in scale, employs nearly 70,000 people, produces 12 mines, and produces more than 20 million tons of raw coal per year. It is a large-scale group company integrating coal and electricity and chemicals.

Project Description

In recent years, the competition in the coal market has become increasingly fierce. The Chaili Coal Mine seeks long-term development and begins to implement the strategy of a large group, pioneering and innovating. In order to further improve the measurement accuracy of the downhole material delivery and implement safe production for the unit, Zaozhuang Mining Group has selected SANON high-precision  belt weigher.

The belt weigher project is a contract signed by our company and Zaozhuang Mining Group (Chaili Coal Mine) in the spring of 2015. The transportation metering materials include coal slag, iron filings, and environmental protection waste.

User reviews

Since the project was put into use at the beginning of 2015, SANON belt scale has always been accurate and stable. It has made its own efforts to reduce the transportation costs of enterprises and realize the safe production of enterprises.