Tongchuan Xichuan Mining Co., Ltd Belt Scales Success Case


Project overview

Time : Feb.2017.

Location : Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province

Company : Tongchuan Xichuan Mining Co., Ltd.

Event : Xichuan Mining Co., Ltd. is a joint venture project of Huaneng Energy Transportation Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tongchuan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. It is the counterpart coal mine of Huaneng Tongchuan Power Plant (2X600,000 KW). Mine and ground production are performed well, and coal mining, boring, electromechanical, transportation, and ventilation all achieve safe production.

The customer's site is a 300-meter conveyor belt device. The material conveyed is raw coal. In order to accurately calculate the output of each project, the customer chose our SANON Matrix Electronic Belt Weigher. The matrix electronic belt scale has high accuracy, stable operation, and can display and count the output of each production group.

SANONCORP’S 4 sets of 17 electronic belt scales are used to weigh coal in coal transportation.