Yichun Jindi Lithium Industry – Weigh Feeders Project


Project overview

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User background

Yichun Jindi Lithium Industry is part of Yichun Mining Group and was established in 2017. With mature processing experience and excellent human resources. The unique washing process allows it to re-process and comprehensively utilize the tailings, especially the recycling of low-grade lithium metal, so that the company has a unique and stable foundation in the lithium industry.

Project Description

In 2017, in order to further expand into the lithium-ion new energy industry,  Jindi Lithium plans to build a 400,000-tonne tailings comprehensive utilization production line. The production line bears the annual target of finishing 36,000 tons of superfine high-quality lepidolite concentrate and 300,000 tons of high-grade ceramic raw materials per year.

SANON Technology, as a professional metrology manufacturer in China, produces feeders that fully meet user requirements. Moreover, the product adopts laser welding sealing technology, up to IP67 protection grade and excellent stability of use, can fully cooperate with the company to achieve accurate measurement and matching of related materials.

User reviews

We purchased two sets of feeders and we are very satisfied with the current operating conditions. SANON Technology's after-sales service is very good and we look forward to continued cooperation.