Shenyang Weiyuan Environmental Protection—Screw Weighing Feeder Case


Project overview

Background of the project:

Screw Weighing Feeders are commonly used in environmental protection, coal mining, metallurgy and other industries. Shenyang Weiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in environmental protection. After its establishment in 2015, it found that the artificial transport weighing was far from meeting the company's production needs. Therefore, after the market inspection, the Screw Weighing Feederr of SANON TECH was selected.

screw weigh conveyor

SANON TECH's Screw Weighing Feeder is featured by the selection of cast steel materials. The wear resistance and impact resistance of the equipment are stronger, and the equipment adopts advanced steady flow technology. The material powder sinks uniformly, is not easy to be arched and is not easy to punch. The characteristics meet the production requirements of far environmental technology.

User evaluation:

At present, the feeder equipment has been used for nearly three years, with stable operation and very good quality. The technical engineer also reminds us regularly by phone or e-mail of maintenance notices. We have established long-term relationship with SANON TECH.