Jilin Thermal Power Plant belt weigher project


Project overview

Customer background:

When the weather was severe in winter, the North River City was frozen in ice and snow drifted.

Songhua River, under the Longtan Hill - State Power Jilin Thermal Power Plant is located here.

Since the beginning of 1959, the Jilin Thermal Power Plant has been put into production for more than half a century, accumulatively generating nearly two hundred billion kilowatts of electricity for the country, and has made outstanding contributions to promoting regional economic development and satisfying residents' lives.

installation site:

Although there are more than two dozen outside, the workshop on this side is indeed a hot one.

Engineer Wang, with his installation package, rushed to this place.

The main equipment installed at this time, the belt scale, is a kind of automatic equipment for dynamic continuous measurement of bulk materials (pulverized coal, ore, etc.), and is widely used in thermal power plants.

To say that the installation of this belt weigher is nothing more than to install it from the weighing frame, followed by the weighing sensor, in the wiring, and finally the instrument. The steps are simple and clear, but the details are very important.

Engineer Wang did not hesitate to assemble one part at a time...

User reviews:

“Engineer Wang was really an attentive person, and it was very appropriate for us to install the belt scale. He taught the technicians a lot of tips for daily maintenance. I am really assured that this company will cooperate with me.” Mr. Liu, the workshop director said .