Datong coal mine group Meiyukou project


Project overview

Customer background

The Meiyukou Mine is a large-scale mine that was developed earlier by the Datong coal mine group and has more than 90 years of mining history. The Jurassic coal system is being mined, and the coal products are characterized by low sulfur, low ash, high heat, etc. It is a good high-quality steam coal and has obtained coal export licenses. Coal products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

Project Description

In recent years, The Meiyukou Mine has been dedicated to creating an efficient and modern mine. The outstanding explosion-proof performance of SANON TECH belt scales and the highly efficient KJ927 coal production monitoring system allow the two to cooperate. SANON TECH has successfully applied the belt weigher and production monitoring system to the group's coal mine. The standardization of safety and quality is gradually progressing, and the monitoring and management are more scientific and have received favorable comments.

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