Hecaogou Coal Industry–Belt scale Project


Project overview

Background of the project:

Hecaogou Coal Industry Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi Province is a state-owned large-scale coal mining and processing enterprise. The company's production capacity is very large. It mainly deals with mining, washing and processing, and sales of coal mines. In 2015, the company’s new production line required accurate metering of coal, and belt scaless were an excellent choice.

SANON TECH has a history of more than ten years in the production and research of belt weighers. Belt scale is accurate, stable in operation, and the accuracy of belt weighers has basically reached the standard of trade settlement measurement. It has been recognized for quality.

The project site:


belt scale case


User evaluation:

Belt scale has been used for some time, the accuracy is still very stable. SANON TECH is a trusted choice.