Andmir Quantitative Belt Scales Project


Project overview

Customer background

Dalian Andmir Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern high-end manufacturing company established in 2006. The company produces and sells oil eliminators, filters and various types of air floatation devices. Edmo performed exceptionally well in various wastewater treatment projects.

Project Description

At the time of 2017, China’s social economy has gradually entered a new normal state of development. It is not difficult for us to find that while industrial manufacturing has achieved rapid growth, environmental pollution, especially water pollution, has become increasingly serious. In order to pursue the “sustainable development” in the future, sewage treatment has to be put on the production schedule of various environmental protection companies.

Dalian Admiral Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in order to cooperate with the Daqing Oilfield sewage treatment project, its exclusive production of flotation devices will be used. The quantitative belt scale produced by SANON Technology adopts the laser welding sealing process, which can achieve IP67 protection level and excellent use stability. It can fully match the flow operation of its dissolved air flotation device and achieve accurate measurement and matching of relevant materials.

User reviews

We purchased two sets of quantitative belt scales from SANON Technology because its reputation in the industry is very good. I trust it. I am more appreciative of its pre-sale and post-sale services.

------ Manager Chen, Dalian Andmir Equipment Manufacturing Co., 2017.6.29