Vehicle scale is a kind of widely used in factories, mines, ports, docks, warehouses for commodities as vehicle weighing measuring equipment.With development of economy,vehicle scale, as a trade settlement, is more and more for all industries, but the cheating is also grow.

The SN vehicle scale use static weighing method,accuracy ≤±0.5%.With high-end weighing technology and precision machinery manufacturing technology, well-adapted. Meanwhile,it gets corrosion prevention and torsion, so the rigidity of the complete machine is stronger and more stable.


Unique CS top weighing technology, precision is more.


Exquisite workmanship with an original, fully automatic welding, anti-corrosive weighing platform,lasting and more reliable.


A combination of unmanned systems,anti-cheating is more comprehensive, convenient data report form to print.


Professional engineering team customized system solutions, be fit in line with personal needs.


with incoming detection device to ensure that there will be no empty mining phenomenon.


Sampling time can be arbitrarily set according to requirements.


ModelInstrument temperature rangeSensor temperature rangeRelative humidityWorking voltage


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