Truck sampling system

This system contains two types: bridge type and cantilever type. Reasonable system structure , Simple and reliable operation, high cost performance, Can fully adapt to various harsh environments, Applicable to small and medium-sized power plants, coal mines and other industries that use coal as energy.

It can realize random automatic sampling and eliminate human factors interference, which provides a reliable means for the modern management of enterprises.
This system contains two types: bridge type and cantilever type, which can be determined according to requirements.


Specific applications can be divided into bridge car sampling, cantilevered car sampling, special occasions and even gate structure;


Unique structure settings, reasonable module layout, Sampling head moves quickly and efficiently;


The system is designed for sampling from the top of the coal mining vehicle, integrates the control technology with the structure of the robot, and can continuously complete the sampling, sample preparation, and reduction of the coal for coal vehicles, and make the coal sample used in the laboratory;



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