Coal Feeder

It is mainly coal equipment in thermal power Plant pulverizing system. In full closed state, it can not only uniformly, continuously coal, but furnace measurement and it is an ideal equipment which can achieve positive balance calculation coal consumption.

It is also used in continuous conveying and metering of bulk materials in other sectors of the field and realize the flow control of open- loop ,closed- loop and LAN management in factories according to users.


Calculate and display the stoker coal through the instantaneous flow and cumulative weight.

Amount to achieve quantitative delivery set.

According to the settings for continuous throughput (PID) regulation and control.

Automatic calibration, auto-zero, auto-spacing, automatic fault diagnosis function, can choose automatic zero tracking.

Alarm and protection function.

Can realize automatic - manual adjustment.

Have linked code, chain code and physical calibration function, latched data.

All data and commands are sent using a simple button, easy to operate.


Work principle

1.the stoker uses tape drag raw coal operation, after raw coal is dragged by tape and in the tape drive, it moves forward steady by self-weight and friction between tapes, and thus realize continuous, uniform coal. the bottom of conveyor tape, stoker install weighing roller, weighing bridge, weighing sensor. Equipped with load cell weighing percussion is installed in conveying stringer machines. Weighing bridge supports weighing roller to check materials weight on the belt and produces an electrical signal proportional to belt load, sending to weighing display instrument.
3.Speed sensor connected to the drum, providing a series of pulse and each pulse represents a belt motor unit, and frequency pulses is positively proportional to the belt speed. The weighing display instrument receives two signals of weighing sensor and speed sensor, which displays the cumulative amount of transportation and instantaneous quantity of coal by enlarge, shaping, A / D conversion processing and integral calculation.


Product Album


ModelAccuracyBelt widthConveying capacity(t/h)Speed rangeInlet and outlet center distanceTotalizer Current outputWithstand pressureTotalizer Communication InterfaceTotal power
JGC± 0.5%500~1500㎜1~1000t/h0.05-0.5m/s≥1000㎜0~20mA or 4~20mA≤0.35MPaRS232 or RS4851.1-10kw


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