Weigh belt conveyors

SN-JGC Belt Weigh feeder is a perfect equipment for continuous weighing, feeding and dosing of bulk material and powder, and can also realize open-loop and closed loop flow control.

Unique electrical automatic calibration, captive chai calibration

Feeding Rate: 1~3000t/h

Measurement of materials: Bulk material, such as limestone, iron ore, clinker, gypsum, lump coal, clay, slag, sand etc.Powder material, such as pulverized coal, fly ash, ferrous powder and cement etc.

Application fields: Mining Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Building Material Industry, Food Industry, Chemicals, Plastic, Coal, and Alumina Industry etc.


Scale aircraft

Scale aircraft is the most basic part of quantitative feeder, it adopts the bending forming box structure.

Traditional device

It includes AC motor and reducer and quantitative feeder reducer adopts worm reducer which has small size, speed ratio and directly contact by hollow shaft and drive rollers; dedicated inventer motor adopts AC variable speed control which is steady and reliable, prolonging the useful life, improving the stability.

Weighing apparatus

Weighing apparatus are composed of weighing frame and weighing roller, and quantitative feeder weighing frame is made up of two cross leaf springs, the weight of materials on the belt is applied to the weighing sensor by weighing roller, and the frame is also provided with a calibrated rod bracket. The whole device has a good balance, no horizontal and lateral displacement, no Friction, and no maintenance.

weighing sensor

It adopts double grooved metal bellows seal sensor, material weight is applied to force sensor column by steel ball, and this structure has advantages of anti-lateral force, shock resistance, high precision, small deformation which are beneficial to accurate measurement.



correcting a mature technology transfer system to full capacity to maintain long-term campaign;
a sound alarm system in a timely manner to rule out the expected off, the reactor material, such as overloading fault;
the entire structure of the closed To ensure that on-site production of civilization;
excellent use of electronic belt that measures to ensure the accuracy and stability;
the chain scraper device for cleaning or continuous cleaning machines and dust accumulation in the body of the foreign body.


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