ICS-30 Single Idler Belt Scale

ICS-30 is a single roller, full suspension structure electronic belt scale,Simple structure,the lightest weight,the strongest environmental adaptability,the most simple and quick installation, accuracy up to ± 1%

Weigh to Know: Advanced weighing solutions

As weighing and conveying equipment , SANON ICS-30 series belt scales can be installed on the site for the main purpose of conveying cheap materials and easy installation, and provide instantaneous flow and cumulative amounts for process control or production monitoring.

Applications: Coal mine, ore , sander, chemical industry, construction, etc.


Integral structure, full suspension platform design

Direct Mounted Weigh Suspension (no moving parts) Precision Alignment in both Horizontal and Vertical Planes (critical to accurate weighing).

Reliable signal acquisition

Platform type electronic strain sensor, Directly measure material weight through weighbridge; Tail (Non-Driven) Pulley for True Speed Pick-up.

Measuring by material category

Respectively measure instantaneous flow and weight for different materials.

Real-time display and alarm

Real-time display, support for high and low limit alarms and records

Historical output query

Can save annual, monthly, daily, hourly historical output

Complete calibration function

Many kinds of calibration check functions such as physical calibration, chain code calibration, and hanging code calibration


Easy Installation

Easy to install, indoors or out, on fixed or portable conveyors, allows for installation in the harshest applications at a variety of locations.
Compact design for easy installation and alignment.
Heavy Duty Steel Load Cells temperature compensated for accuracy during wide temperature ranges.
Modular weigh controller system / Self-Storing Calibration Weights.
One Display can be connected to multiple Transmitters.
Easy menu based programmable settings.
Overload protection stops.
Automaitc belt zeroing.
Analogue/ Pulse Output.
RS232 and RS485 modbus communications.
Auto Zero/Auto Span.
Ethernet: PLC, PC, Remote Display, HTTP Web Server


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ModelAccuracy(%)Weighing range(mm)Belt Width(mm)Conveyor tilt angleConveyor speed(m/s)Number of Load CELLSNumber of Idler


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