SN-100 Weigh Indicators

SN-100 series weighing Integrator is a general-purpose meter especially developed for measuring electronic belt scales and is ideal for measuring belt scales.

A true field bus indicator

It is suitable for measuring the single machine or networking of continuously integrated automatic weighing instruments such as belt scales, batching belt scales, quantitative control belt scales, batching spiral scales, etc.


Graphical human-machine interface

Industrial backlit LCD screen, support multi-language switching, intuitive display, easy operation.

Measuring by material category

Respectively measure instantaneous flow and weight for different materials.

Complete calibration function

Many kinds of calibration check functions such as physical calibration, chain code calibration, and hanging code calibration.

Historical output inquiry

Can save one year, class, daily, monthly production.

Real-time display and alarm

real-time display, support for high and low limit alarms and records.

Standard communication protocol

The instrument adopts Modbus protocol and supports multiple configuration software.

Various shape structures

wall-mounted, embedded instrument housing, can meet a variety of different installation and use of places.Stainless steel display housing, touch screen panel (optional)

All-digital keys

Full digital keys, simple and efficient input parameters.



Belt scale

One-touch call-in function

zero adjustment, school scale, clear, print and other commonly used functions, direct one-touch inbound required functions.



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