Rotor weighfeeder

SN-ZC Rotor weighfeeder is a new generation of dynamic powder measuring equipment independently developed produced and manufactured. It is a special measuring equipment for continuous weighing, quantitative feeding and batching of powdery materials. Especially suitable for measuring fluidity powder, such as fly ash, coal powder, etc.

It is complete measuring equipment for continuous feeding and measuring powdery material.

Widely used in building materials, cement, chemical industry, coal, mining, ceramics, glass, metallurgy, food, fertilizer, feed, port, electricity, coking, environmental protection and other industries.


Seal structure

Using suspension seal structure, the problem of bearing fouling is solved thoroughly.

High precision

Balance weighing structure, high precision.

Double control function

Using the most advanced feedforward control system, the double control function of the balance lock speed of the powder material and the balance speed of the rotor is also adjusted to improve the measurement accuracy.

Patented powder balance lock device

The patented powder balance lock device ensures stable feeding.

Digital weighing module

Adopting high precision digital weighing module and digital transmission technology, it has simple circuit, no adjusting parts, high resolution, no attenuation of signal and strong anti-interference.

Touch display

The controller adopts touch display technology, graphic display in Chinese and English, guide operation mode, simple operation, no memory.

Multiple interfaces

Can connect to 485 communication, CAN communication, DCS, PLC and other interfaces.


GPRS wireless digital transmission function can be used for short message report, remote diagnosis, balance and other functions.


Rotor weighfeeder Working Principle

Rotor weighfeeder Working Principle

The rotor scale adopts the balance weighing and weighing structure. The balance body consisting of the motor, the impeller rotor and the disc is supported by the steel knife blade on the frame. The inlet and outlet ports are softly connected, which will not affect the rotation of the balance structure. Forced exercise.

During the powder conveying process, due to the rotation of the impeller, the material flows evenly within the half circumference of the feed port to the discharge port, and the load cell can accurately measure the weight signal of the powder on the semicircular circumference, this weight signal and installation The frequency pulse signal detected by the speed measuring sensor on the impeller motor is calculated in the calculator to obtain an instantaneous flow rate signal, and then compared with the set value to output an adjustment signal, which is then fed back to the frequency converter to adjust the communication. The motor can adjust the flow rate of the powder feed by adjusting the speed of the rotor scale or the feeder.


Product Album


ModelAccuracy(%)Feed Capacity(t/h)Diameter(mm)Material TypeSpeed Range
SN-ZC≤±0.510-1200600-1800Powdery Material1:10


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