Powder materials universal packaging scales

A packaging equipment dedicated to powdery materials, which can complete automatic feeding, weighing and bagging. A series of packaging actions such as sewing bags, suitable for various bag packaging such as plastic, sack, and bag.

It is suitable for the packaging of powdery materials such as flour, starch, washing powder and lime powder, which are easy to flow or have poor fluidity.


Suitable for the quantitative packaging of powder materials in various industries


Designed for powdery, poor liquidity materials


Frequency feeding spiral manner, effectively improve material feeding speed


After the parameter setting automatic control, without human point bags, saving manpower


Rich interfaces designed to connect computers, printers and other equipment, data sharing


According to the actual situation of the user can design a bucket scale, double bucket scale or mobile scale


ModelWeighing range(kg)Weighing speedVoltageEnvironment temperatureBleed pressure
SN-BZC2320—50KG8-9 packages/minAC380V-20℃--+45℃0.4--0.65Mpa


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