Particulate materials universal packaging scales

The quantitative packaging scale is mainly composed of an automatic weighing device, a feeding device, a sewing device and a computer control unit.

Suitable for granular materials with good fluidity. For example, feed pellets, grain, seeds, chemicals, white sugar and other industries.


Suitable for the quantitative packaging of particulate materials in various industries.


PLC intelligent control instruments, intelligent tips, simple control.


Advanced digital frequency conversion technology + sampling processing technology + anti-jamming technology, high-precision, high stability, fully functional.


Set process chain, fault alarm and other safety control functions in one, safety and efficiency of both.


According to the actual situation of the user can design a bucket scale, double bucket scale or mobile scale.


ModelWeighing range(kg)Weighing speedVoltage
SN-BZC2120—50KG5-8 packages/minAC380V


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