NJGC pressure weighing coal feeder

NJGC pressure weighing coal feeder is mainly used in the Power Plant Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Milling System, which residence, energy saving, and environmental protection. In the full closed state it can not only uniform, continuous coal, but furnace measurement and it is an ideal equipment which can achieve positive balance calculation coal consumption.

The stoker is mainly composed by case closed, conveyor system, clean system, measurement system and thermostat, etc, protective systems and it can be extended according to user requirements.


Closed pressure type cylindrical structure prevent effectively from dust spills and protect civilized production site.

According to users requirements, it can be designed that pull the rack outside the box so as to maintenance and repair.

With self-bias, anti-bias structure, it can be made sure that normal conveyor and steady move.

Adopting our company high performance of electronic belt, it can make sure that the accuracy of measurement and long stability.

Weighing display instrument has optional RS232/485 communication interface.

Optional Frequency stepless operates smoothly, it ca not only energy saving, but satisfies requirements with open- loop site different flow closed loop regulation.

Perfect alarm system can find and exclude failures of coal block, off coal, overload, Overtemperature and belt deviation,etc.

Equipped with High-temperature isolation valve can prevent hot air reflow and provide convenience for safe product and overhaul;


Work principle

1.the stoker uses tape drag raw coal operation, after raw coal is dragged by tape and in the tape drive, it moves forward steady by self-weight and friction between tapes, and thus realize continuous, uniform coal.
2.in the bottom of conveyor tape, stoker install weighing roller, weighing bridge, weighing sensor. Equipped with load cell weighing percussion is installed in conveying stringer machines. Weighing bridge supports weighing roller to check materials weight on the belt and produces an electrical signal proportional to belt load, sending to weighing display instrument.
3.Speed sensor connected to the drum, providing a series of pulse and each pulse represents a belt motor unit, and frequency pulses is positively proportional to the belt speed. The weighing display instrument receives two signals of weighing sensor and speed sensor, which displays the cumulative amount of transportation and instantaneous quantity of coal by enlarge, shaping, A / D conversion processing and integral calculation.
4.Stoker internal temperature sensor is used in checking high temperature online. when the machine’s temperature is higher than setpoint, Electronic Control System will receive the alarm output signal of the temperature and execute quick off instruction between value and motor to close channel and truncate materials flow , reaching the aim to protect system equipment.


Product Album


ModelCompressive strengthAccuracyBelt widthConveying capacity(t/h)Speed rangeInlet and outlet center distance
NJGC0.35Mpa± 0.5%400~1400㎜1~1000t/h0.125~1.25≥1000㎜


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