Mid-Belt Samplers

Belt sampler system is the primary sampler installed in the belt conveyor fixed position, from the conveyor material flow in the collection of sub-sample approach.

In addition to coal, but also for general minerals: iron ore, manganese, gold, uranium, bauxite...

Random sampling, strong representation
According to the sampling location, the number of subsamples, the time interval of various data automatically generated sampling program, the real random sampling, effectively avoiding the mining, false mining phenomenon.


Full section interception of material flow
Accurate shrinkage, testing by the authority, there is no systematic deviation, in line with domestic and national standard double standard requirements.


Small installation costs
The modular design makes it easy to retrofit to any position in the customer's existing conveyor system without the need to additionally configure the extension transfer unit to minimize installation costs.


Function expansion easy to achieve
Besides the necessary equipment (primary sampling machine), the other optional equipment are modular complete sets, such as environmental dust removal module, moisture monitoring module, drying module, packaging Penma module, all can be arbitrarily selected according to user needs, installation, replace.



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