SN-JZC Matrix belt scale

High accuracy weighing technology in the industry,Long-term maintenance of 0.2% of the measurement accuracy!Adapt to various usage scenarios,Especially the need for accurate trade settlement occasions! The calibration operation is very easy, Routine maintenance become simple.

Weigh to Know: Advanced weighing solutions

Matrix belt scale is a kind of conveyor belt scale which is composed of multiple weighing units arranged in series. By processing array data, the influence of belt tension can be eliminated, and the weighing accuracy of belt weighers can be greatly improved.Make up for the inaccuracy of weighing data caused by the belt tension of the belt weighers, and the data accuracy is further improved.

Applications: Coal mine, ore , sander, chemical industry, construction, etc.


Bbrand-new design concept

Matrix belt scale adopts a brand-new design concept, new product structure and computer software technology, the weighing accuracy of belt weighers has been substantially improved, and the long-term stability has been greatly improved.

Maintenance-free, more convenient

As a result of the direct bearing scale frame, there is no lever fulcrum, no moving parts, no fulcrum wear and rubber aging problems and other issues. And the level of the surface is small, less ash, do not need regular cleaning, the daily use can be avoided to maintain trouble

Structural innovations

Using 2 to 8 sets of four-roller full suspension-type scale frame composition, Simple and independent structure, 20% weight reduction, Greatly reduce the error caused by the mechanical structure of the scale

Temperature compensation

Instrument built-in temperature sensor creatively, real-time detection of environmental temperature changes and incorporated into the instrument algorithm, and amendments can be made to compensate for the load parameters and sensor offset, sensitivity coefficient.

Site A / D conversion technology

The use of site A / D converter, converts the analog signals into digital signals on the scale frame site, then long-distance transmission.

Real-time monitoring and tracking technology

Real-time monitoring of load cell abnormalities, sudden cases can timely switch fault load cell to ensure that the normal work.


Technical innovations

1.Designed for torque wrench out, effectively absorb the reaction force of the torque wrench to make the operation more labor-saving.
2.The installation base can be flexible configuration, small size, can be used for lower space, to ensure a wide range of roles.
3.Real-time monitoring of the status change of the belt, the impact of belt tension continued to track and compensate, long-term to maintain belt scale accuracy of 0.2%.
4.Double roller design structure detection real speed, the width and weight of sufficient guarantee there will be no belt throw situation.
5.DC pulse generator without the need to adjust or replace the carbon brush, longer life.


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ModelAccuracy(%)Weighing range(mm)Belt Width(mm)Conveyor tilt angleConveyor speed(m/s)Number of Load CELLSNumber of Idler


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