Loss-in-weight Feeder Systems

The SN-Lsz Loss-in-weight Feeder Systems lines are designed for liquid, hygroscopic,light weight and small density materials powder,They’re divided into the single or double screw feeders.

According to the material properties, increase different kind of blenders, to extend the application scope of the equipment(2L/h-4,000L/h).The structure design can remove entirely, in orser to clean easily and change the formula faster.


Accuracy: ±0.2%, on approved applications;
For internet remote assistance;
With a removable card button connection screw;
Built-in arch breaker blade;
Used to set the formula of the touching screen;
According to different flux,to give variety of replaceable screw;
Motivated by brushless electric machine
Stainless steel & high resolution weighing sentor;

Rotor weighfeeder Working Principle


Loss-in-weight Feeder Systems

a wide range of applications, such as powder, powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, resin film powder, flour, starch, etc;
the weight loss type feeding machine mechanical devices such as screw easy decomposition, simple assembly, easy cleaning;
the strength of technology, the German original technology and equipment, professional pre-sales service team directed;
material has stable performance, high precision, large range of optional transport capacity;
the static precision of the weight feeding machine is up to 0.1%, and the linear and repetitive dynamic accuracy is up to 0.3%;
the selection of high precision control instrument of weightlessness scale weightlessness balance control instrument RWC-800CF, has the advantage of high precision, strong anti-interference ability, good real-time sensor; using Ronan brand high precision sensor module, sensor by laser welding, it has advantages of high precision, good reliability, especially suitable for application in the bad working condition;
the flexibility of the control system of the gravity feeding machine is strong: the weight loss balance control system can realize manual and automatic control feed and feed processing, and can realize manual and automatic conversion;


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