Loader scale

The electronic scale is a kind of weighing-appliance, melted into mechanical control part of the loader. Weighing in march of the loader. This freight must be carefully handled when load up the loader, some used to get line drawings to calculate the weight. It’s quite low efficiency and inspection error.

To solve the problem of big error, we developed the electronic scale measuring system. It can weighing and loading up, according to established procedure operating, the accuracy holds on 0.5%.


World-class measuring accuracy:
One-up SN-CS weighing science and technology, innovation compensation technique, weighing isn’t affected by type and operating environment, stabilized 0.5%.


Conbenience, simpleness,no demarcate:
full automation,dispense with demarcate, weighing isn’t stay.


Multi-purpose, save money:
It’s widely used in mines, station, port, wharf, factory, storehouse, etc. fully satisfied with settlement demand, low-power design isn’t just more convenient but also a greener alternative.


Auxiliary functionalities:
Support USB, RS232/485 multi-interface, wireless connected to the computer with GPRS function,intelligent managemant.


ModelPrecisionWorking voltageWorking currentMin.weight


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