KXJ660 flameproof and I. S. ring network switches for mining

KXJ660 flameproof and I. S. ring network switches for mining and auxiliary transport intrinsically safe operation table (hereinafter referred to as the operating table), mining flameproof and intrinsically safe computer and Local control box and other supporting use to achieve underground pump distribution control.

It can also be used as an automatic control device for various equipment. To meet the needs of various users of different requirements.


The external power supply AC660V supplies power to the control box. The intrinsically safe power supply outputs DC12V (intrinsically safe) for the system's switch acquisition and communication isolation.;


After the safety signal is separated from the safety circuit through the optocoupler isolation board, the signal is collected and processed by the PLC system, and the corresponding control signal is output to realize the monitoring, control and protection of the equipment.


The PLC system communicates with the monitor via Ethernet to realize the display of device operation information and fault inquiries.


Dimensions (length × width × height): 805mm × 720mm × 1045mm


Weight: about 396kg.



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