KDW660/24B Mine Flameproof and Intrinsically Safe DC Power Supply

KDW660/24B mine flameproof and intrinsically safe DC stabilized power supply is a universal intrinsically safe uninterruptible power supply that allows use in gas and coal dust explosion hazardous environments and is suitable for supplying power to intrinsically safe mine equipment.


After the alternating current power supply is stepped down by the transformer and then rectified, filtered, and voltage-stabilized, a stable DC voltage is output. This voltage is charged by the charging circuit to the backup nickel-metal hydride battery and stores the electric energy. At the same time, a stable voltage output is obtained through the voltage regulator.


Explosion-proof type: Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe Explosion-proof mark: Exd[ib]I;


Dimensions: 308×390×210(mm);


Weight: about 21.5kg;



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