JGC-50 Heavy-duty weighing feeder

JGC-50 heavy-duty weighing feeder is specially designed to meet the requirements of heavy industry,It can be used with an open loop belt drive to gravimetrically measure the flow of material, or with closed loop control to operate as a feeder and regulate the flow to a constant or dynamic set point.

Unique electrical automatic calibration, captive chai calibration

Feeding Rate: 1~5000t/h

Measurement of materials: Bulk material, such as limestone, iron ore, clinker, gypsum, lump coal, clay, slag, sand etc.Powder material, such as pulverized coal, fly ash, ferrous powder and cement etc.

Application fields: Mining Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Building Material Industry, Food Industry, Chemicals, Plastic, Coal, and Alumina Industry etc.


Prevent dust from spilling

Cylindrical or square shape structure, can effectively prevent dust from spilling.

Automatic calibration

The electronic automatic calibration or hanging code calibration function can check the measurement accuracy at any time.

Alarm system

Reliable alarm system,Accurately and accurately handle various fault alarms.

Modular design

Modular design to accommodate different installation requirements, Can be modified and customized according to customer requirements.

Multiple interfaces available

RS-232, RS-485 interface and printer interface.

Long service life

The shaft-mounted direct-coupled geared motor and the variable frequency speed-adjusting drag method are used to run smoothly and have a long service life.


Operating principle

The weight signal from the material on the belt is transmitted to the controller along with the speed signal of the belt running, and the instantaneous flow rate of the material and the cumulative production of the material are automatically calculated.
Through continuously comparing the set flow rate and the material flow actually conveyed by the belt, the belt running speed is constantly adjusted so that the material flow rate can always be stabilized at the set flow rate value.


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ModelAccuracy(%)Weighing range(t/h)Belt Width(mm)Speed range(m/s)Power range(kw)Feeding distance(mm)


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