JGC-30 Small material weigh feeders

JGC-30 is a specially designed for the quantitative control and transportation of small flow materials.It is equipped with a precision weighing sensor system, and can match the SANON series low density weighing algorithm to achieve accurate and stable feeding control system.

Suitable for coal mine gas explosion in hazardous environments

It be widely used in the small-flow quantitative transportation of powdery and granular materials in industries such as building materials, metallurgy, steel, chemical industry, coal and ceramics.


Micro feedstock

The bottom load weighing system can stably control the transportation of low density and small flow materials.

Simple structure, high precision

Scale frame is made of small rectangular steel pipe or flat plate structure, light weight, simple structure, high precision.

lightweight roller

Special structure of lightweight roller, small size, light weight, flexible rotation, bracket adjustable structure.

Using PVC belt

Uniform thickness, stable tare, can effectively improve the measurement accuracy. Belt replacement is easy and fast. One person can complete it in a few minutes

Automatic belt tension adjustment

Automatic belt tension adjustment and automatic correction function greatly improve the measurement accuracy and stability. Temperature and Pressure Compensated.

Single-point sensor

Single-point sensor design to avoid error brought by dual sensors during signal transmission, as a result to ensure weighing accuracy ≤±0.2


Operating principle

The weight signal from the material on the belt is transmitted to the controller along with the speed signal of the belt running, and the instantaneous flow rate of the material and the cumulative production of the material are automatically calculated.
Through continuously comparing the set flow rate and the material flow actually conveyed by the belt, the belt running speed is constantly adjusted so that the material flow rate can always be stabilized at the set flow rate value.


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ModelAccuracy(%)Weighing range(t/h)Belt Width(mm)Speed range(m/s)Power range(kw)Feeding distance(mm)


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