ICS-ST Explosion-Proof Weight Indicators

ICS-ST-Z explosion-proof belt scale host is designed for coal mine underground area ,it’s an Intelligent processor which can meet the harsh environmental requirements. It has a higher weighing accuracy and better safety performance.

Explosion proof

It is suitable for measuring the single machine or networking of continuously integrated automatic weighing instruments such as belt scales, batching belt scales, quantitative control belt scales, batching spiral scales, etc.


Using the third generation weighing technology, can effectively reduce influence of Coal Mine Harsh Environment on Weighing Accuracy;


Powerful microprocessor control, Equipped with high precision PID regulator, can ensure accurate and reliable data transmission;


Password lock can Prevent random setting and eliminate security risks;


Automatic zero calibration, automatic interval calibration,Automatic fault diagnosis,High / low flow alarm, Multiple input / output and multiple communication protocols;


304 stainless steel shell,4 * 6 matrix stainless steel keyboard,Fully enclosed shell,Waterproof and dustproof explosion-proof features;


Large color LCD display,Directly display the relevant information. Structural



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