ICS-17 Quad Idler Belt Scale

ICS-17 is a four-roller or Two roller, double lever electronic belt scale,Two pull-type sensors, no trunnion fulcrum, will effectively overcome the slope and unbalanced loading of the impact of the accuracy,Environmental adaptability stronger.

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ICS-17 Belt Scale system is specifically designed for plant and process operations that run at high rates of speed or require the better-than-normal accuracy of ±0.25%.The ICS-17 system provides vital information that allows you to effectively manage and efficiently operate your business by monitoring production output and inventory or regulating product loadout.

Applications: Coal mine, ore , sander, chemical industry, construction, etc.


Integral structure, steel molding

Integral dual-lever weighing bridge, the frictionless, trunnion-type sealed pivots, Solid mild steel construction or stainless steel for extreme environments.

Digital signal acquisition and transmission

Two high precision strain gauge load cell, the acquired material signal is transmitted to the integrator in the form of familiar signals to reduce the signal weakness and enhance the anti-interference ability.

Modular system design

Free-floating modular design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant re-calibration and maintaining high accuracy

Accurate speed module

That doesn’t have any brushes to adjust or replace. Direct-coupling the sensor to the conveyor tail pulley, snubbing roll, or a large diameter return roller ensure an accurate belt-travel readout.

Measuring by material category

Respectively measure instantaneous flow and weight for different materials.

Wireless remotely monitoring system

Remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any web enabled device remotely from anywhere.


Complete calibration function

There are many kinds of calibration inspection functions such as physical calibration, chain code calibration, hanging code calibration, flow calibration and weight calibration.
Heavy Duty Steel Load Cells temperature compensated for accuracy during wide temperature ranges.
Processors Provide: 4-20mA Analog Rate, Totalizing Pulse Relay, Remote Interlock/Reset, RS232/RS485 Ports and more.
Improved communication capabilities, Easy to use and calibrate.
One Display can be connected to multiple Transmitters.
Automatic belt zeroing/ Full Time Self Diagnostics.
Modular weigh controller system.
Self-Storing Calibration Weights.
Overload protection stops.
Analogue/ Pulse Output.


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ModelAccuracy(%)Weighing range(mm)Belt Width(mm)Conveyor tilt angleConveyor speed(m/s)Number of Load CELLSNumber of Idler


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