Hopper scale

SN-LDC Hopper Scales are designed for weighing a continuous product flow into batches for packing and other purposes. The unit consists of a stainless steel hopper, a load cells, and a weighing indicator. The Hopper Scale is controlled by a software application, which normally runs on an SN-SCS indicator.

The scale is robust and designed to withstand the harsh environment of food processing plants, without any trade-off in weighing accuracy.

The SN-SCS Scale Indicator is operated with push buttons and a keypad, using a simple built-in menu system. The indicator has a large, bright weighing display, showing tare, grade number and other data. The display also has a large filling bar which clearly shows the packing status in real-time.


Can handle a variety of bulk materials, such as stones, sand, coal etc.

Can be used at sea, as well as on land.

Connects to SN SERIES software for real-time production monitoring.

Variety of standard solutions available to fit different pack-off applications.

The excellent quality of the measuring cells guarantees exceptional measuring accuracy.

Since our scales are used predominantly for legal-for-trade purposes, highest precision during the manufacturing process is a matter of course.



A wide variety of standard hopper solutions are available to fit different pack-off applications. Specifications are available upon request. Please contact us for further information;
SN Hopper Scales can be supplied for all hopper sizes with the customer-requested accuracy. We can supply cost-efficient weighing systems from simple production control scales to high-accuracy hopper scales for the uranium or gold industry;
Hopper scales are used in industrial processes to control the amount of dust particles that enter a dust collector. They can also be used to weigh dry bulk granulates, such as cereals. Hopper scales can perform continuous weighing on production lines, batch and packaging weighing.


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ModelWeighing accuracy(%)Conveying capacity(t/h)Bucket shapeInstrument power supply
SN-LXC±0.5%1~300t/hDrum or square barrelAC~220V,50Hz/DC6V


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