GZD0.5 mine weighing sensor

weighing sensor is mine intrinsically safe and Explosion-proof electrical equipment. Its explosion-proof electrical type is Exib I Mb and used to mine which  contains gas and coal dust explosion. From the mine through a belt weigher host is powered by explosion-proof and intrinsically safe DC power supply. Its function is that turns heavy load  into voltage signal and transmits to underground mine information transmission sub-station by MHYVRP 1×4 cable.

Explosion proof

It is suitable for measuring the single machine or networking of continuously integrated automatic weighing instruments such as belt scales.


The weighing sensor is intrinsically safe for mining and is specially designed for the development of explosion-proof belt scales.


Pthe use of explosion-proof sealing technology, work resist the impact of harsh conditions such as coal mine gas, coal dust, industrial corrosion.


360° comprehensive sealing protection, to avoid damage caused by the symmetrical heavy system under severe conditions, the limited protection function can prevent overload damage


The kernel uses the imported American brand, the sensitivity, accuracy, stability, protection and other performance indicators are higher


S-type special shear structure, small size, strong resistance to pressure measurement.


With automatic calibration function, to minimize the error factor, nonlinear + hysteresis + repeatability = 0.04 % RO, to ensure high precision and high efficiency.



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