ICS-ST Explosion-proof Belt Scale

ICS-ST explosion-proof belt scale is a new type of underground metering monitoring equipment,Has achieved MA certification,explosion-proof certification,Can adapt to the harsh underground industrial environment,to ensure the safety of underground operations.

Suitable for coal mine gas explosion in hazardous environments

The system is stable,accurate measurement,it is the ideal equipment of the belt conveyor measurement,ingredients and production monitoring in coal mines underground and other dangerous areas.


Can be used in explosion-proof environments

Mine belt scale is specially used for underground coal mine monitoring and control equipment.

Assessment of coal mine output

The product can adapt to the poor underground industrial site and timely and effective assessment of coal mine output.

Increase productivity

The use of mining belt weighers can greatly increase the efficiency of metering and improve the company's production efficiency and coal production management.

Direct weighing structure

with two (or four) sensors (balance beam) direct weighing structure, emphasis on successful settlement of a material error caused by weighing and the lever, so that measurement precision is improved.

Using field digitizers

Using field digitizers, analog-to-digital conversion is performed at the scale stand to digitize signals remotely to ensure high signal transmission accuracy.

Brushed stainless steel casing

304 brushed stainless steel casing, never rust, beautiful and fully guarantee the service life of the product. The display uses a high-grade color LCD large screen to view the data more clearly.


Product composition

Explosion-Proof Weight Indicators

Explosion-Proof Weight Indicators

BQH5 Mine speed sensor

BQH5 Mine speed sensor

GZD0.5 mine weighing sensor

GZD0.5 mine weighing sensor




Product Album


ModelAccuracy(%)Weighing range(mm)Belt Width(mm)Conveyor tilt angleConveyor speed(m/s)Number of Load CELLSNumber of Idler


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