BQH5 Mine speed sensor

it is mine intrinsically safe and Explosion-proof electrical equipment. Its explosion-proof electrical type is Exib I MB and used to mine which  contains gas and coal dust explosion. Its function is that turns the speed of belt movement into Pulse signal(360P/R) and transmits to the host by MHYVRO1×4 cable.

Explosion proof

It is suitable for measuring the single machine or networking of continuously integrated automatic weighing instruments such as belt scales.


Explosion-proof form: Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe;


Explosion-proof mark: Exd[ib] I Mb;


Explosion-proof number:CCCMT12.0581;


Coal security label: MFA130053;


Execution standard: GB 3836.1-2010;GB 3836.4-2010; MT209-1990 (except for anti-interference and reliability); Q/320307KAA13-2012;Q/320307KAA14-2012.



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