Cycle chain code Calibration device

SCode block consisting of Ring-shaped in the form of closed closed loop, being installed in some rollers in the frame. Chain ode and the belt surface adopts the design of 60 °tooth-shaped, ensuring Synchronous operation with the belt, simulating precisely materials pass belt scales continuously which generates metering effect on the belt.

The contact design of the chain code and the belt adopts a 60° tooth shape design to ensure synchronous operation with the belt and accurately simulate the measurement effect produced when the material continuously passes through the belt scale on the belt.


adopting cycle chain structure constitutes device, making chain code stimulate totally materials which are running on the belt and having high precision, accurate magnitude transfers;


Chain code block usually uses cast steel and its surface corrosion treatment (which coats tetrafluoroethylene and galvanizes), so it has good stability and about 20 years useful life;


simple operation: only need one worker operates simply on system button to complete the belt scale calibration;


special occasions: such as seaside, strong corrosive area can choose Stainless steel chain code (optional plus surface corrosion );



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