Types of Load cell



The load cell, as the name implies, is a sensor that measures the weight of objects. It is mainly based on the pressure of the object and other information in accordance with a certain conversion method into a signal that can be received, can be identified, so as to obtain the weight of the object. Load cells are widely used in various electronic scales.

According to the shape of the load cell , the sensor can be divided into eight types: bridge type, column type, box type, bellows type, spoke type, twisted ring type, cantilever beam type, and S type.

1.Bridge load cell

bridge load cell

The most widely used bridge load cell is a large-scale, relatively harsh working environment such as truck scales and track scales. It is a large-tonnage load cell. The bridge type load cell has the advantages of great value, good anti-deviation load performance, combined pressure head can be automatically reset, easy installation, high precision and low energy consumption, and can be used in harsh environments.

2.Column load cell

column load cell

Column load cells are widely used in truck scales, track scales, and large-tonnage hopper scales.

3.The box load cell

the box load cell

Box load cells are suitable for weighing scales, electronic scales and other weighing devices. Its range is small, generally 1-1000 kg.

4.Bellows load cell

bellows load cell

Bellows-type load cells are suitable for weighing devices with small loads, such as belt scales and electronic scales. Its range is generally 5-1000 kg. Bellows-type load cell has the advantages of anti-fatigue and anti-bias load. The structure adopts double-hole cantilever and bellows.

5.Spoke weighing sensor

spoke weighing sensor

Spoke type weighing sensors have a large range, generally 1-20 tons, and are suitable for large-scale weighing instruments such as truck scales and track scales. In addition to the advantages of large range, the spoke type weighing sensor has the advantages of low height, good lateral resistance, easy installation, and overload protection.

6.Twisted ring load cell

twisted ring load cell

Twisted-ring weighing sensors have high sensitivity and can accurately weigh small loads under heavy tare conditions. Due to its large range and high precision, it is suitable for different weighing instruments such as quantitative packing scales, batching scales, and track scales. The torsion ring load cell has the advantages of easy installation, anti-bias load, and lateral resistance.

7.Cantilever type weighing sensor

cantilever type weighing sensor

When working, an Izod load cell is fixed at one end and loaded at one end. The cantilever beam load cell has the advantages of good interchangeability, convenient installation and automatic centering. It can be applied to different scales such as hopper machines, belt scales, weigh feeders, and weight scales.

8.S-type load cell

S-type load cell is the most commonly used load cell, and because it can measure tension and pressure, it can also be called pull pressure sensor. The range of the S-type load cell is approximately 50 to 20000 kilograms, which can be applied to scales such as belt scales and batching scales.