How the Screw Weighing Feeder works



screw weighing feeder

From the appearance point of view, the  screw weighing feeder is a tubular spiral structure. It is mainly composed of a weighing bridge, a steady flow feeding screw, a speed sensor, a weighing sensor, a gear motor, an instrument and various electronic control systems. The various systems work together to complete the feeding weighing.

In terms of the scope of application, the main conveying measurement of the screw weighing feeder is a variety of powdered materials. It provides more convenience for some weighed powder factories to facilitate the modern management of the factory.

In terms of working principle, the  screw weighing feeder is a spiral continuous feeding material. The weighing sensor installed on the weighing bridge carries out weighing detection of the materials on the belt. At the same time, the speed sensor also senses the speed signal. Both signals are sent to the weighing instrument. Then the meter performs various calculus calculations to obtain the instantaneous flow and cumulative weight of the material.