Screw feeder maintenance matters



Screw feeders are devices used to transport, weigh powder, granules, and small pieces of material. Its use environment is mostly filled with dust, so pay more attention to maintenance in daily operations.

Screw Weighfeeder

First of all, due to the large dust in the working environment, the cleaning of the screw feeder is indispensable. Whether it is before or after the start of the machine, clean the inside and outside of the equipment in time.

Second, lubrication is also an essential task. All the moving parts such as reducers and bearings must be lubricated. However, different parts of the lubricant used, you need to check the instructions or consult the manufacturer.

Finally, timely check whether the fasteners in each part are loose, and deal with it in time if loose.

Workers pay more attention to daily operations and regularly perform maintenance. Only in this way can we avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment.