removal method of Checkweigher



in line checkweigher

1.blowing method

Products that use blow-type rejection are lightweight packaging products. The rate at which blowouts reject defective products is high, so blowout-type reject devices are more often used on production lines that require higher product rejection rates.


The slide-type rejection device is to let the product to be rejected slide down to the ground or a storage device or another production line through a sloped panel. Because the decline will generate a certain amount of momentum, there will be greater momentum when falling into the device or the production line, the products that adopt the sliding-type rejection are generally lighter and thinner products.

3.push rod method

The pusher type reject device rejects the unqualified product from the outside to the inside, and the unqualified product falls into the recovery device, and the qualified product normally enters into the next production stage. When the push rod type reject device is in normal operation, the push rod is in a state of extending outwards. Once a defective product appears, the push rod immediately pushes the defective product from outside to inside into the recovery device. Pusher type rejection is generally applied to boxed products.

4.the lever method

There are two levers left and right for the lever-type elimination device. Under normal circumstances, the two levers are in parallel. When the non-conforming product enters the relevant position, two levers intercept and remove it from the inside to the outside. The lever-type rejection method is generally applied to boxed or thick-packed products.

The above is a brief introduction to common methods of rejection devices . If you have any doubts or are interested in knowing checkweighers, please contact us.