Several questions that must be known when purchasing belt scales



1.The environment - ---explosion-proofor non-explosion-proof belt scale

An explosion-proof belt scale must be used in underground mines or other environments that meet the standards for using explosion-proof belt scales. Ordinary use of the environment can choose to use ordinary belt weigher. Explosion-proof belt scales can also be used in normal environments, but the price is slightly higher than the ordinary belt scales, but the quality is also higher than the ordinary belt scales.

2.Defineaccuracy Requirements - Ordinary belt scale or high precision belt weigher

At present, the accuracy level of belt weighers with a relatively high level of accuracy on the market is 0.2 class, and the actual accuracy of use can reach 0.2%. The average belt scale accuracy is between 0.5% and 5%.Before you purchase a belt scale, be sure to specify your accuracy requirements and choose a belt scale with different accuracy.

3.The angle of inclination of the belt conveyor

The angle of the belt conveyor is different, and the type of belt weigher is different. Be sure to understand your belt conveyor angle before buying.

4.Does the site have electromagnetic or other interference?

Interference is the biggest cause of instability in the data transmission of belt scales. Unless it is particularly ideal to use the environment, it is generally best to have an analog-to-digital conversion module. Analog-to-digital conversion module can convert analog signals into digital signals for transmission, ensuring data stability.