Some questions and answers about checkweighers



Check weighing scales are widely used in the weighing of product lines in all walks of life. When choosing checkweighers, you may have some questions. The following summarizes some of the representative issues.

  1. Question:Will the checkweigher rust?

          Answer: No. The checkweigher produced by SANON is made of stainless steel, and ordinary products will not cause it to rust. If your product is highly corrosive, you can communicate with the sales staff and we will use special materials according to your situation.

  1. Question: Does the external environment affect the accuracy of the checkweigher?

          Answer: Yes. As a high-sensitivity machine, the checkweigher has certain requirements on the outside temperature and humidity. The checkweigher is suitable for temperatures from -5°C to +40°C . At the same time, the vibration must be avoided during the use of the checkweigher.

  1. Question: In what industry is the checkweigher used?

          Answer: The checkweigher is suitable for all walks of life. The checkweigher can be used as long as you need to check the weight in production, sort by weight, or check the quality of the product based on weight.

  1. Question:Is the price of checkweigher standard in the industry?

          Answer: No. Because of the size of the checkweighers, the materials used, and the industries in which they are used, the costs involved in manufacturing are different. Therefore, the price of checkweighers of each company is not the same, and the price of checkweighers of different specifications of the same company is not the same.