Precautions for operating screw feeders



Screw feeders are devices used to transport, weigh powder, granules, and small pieces of material. Its use environment is mostly full of dust, so pay more attention in daily operations.

Screw weighfeeders

The screw feeder should check whether there is material inside before starting. If there is material that should be cleaned and restarted, it should be started and then added. This means that the screw feeder will start without load.

At the end of the work, the material must be stopped to stop the screw feeder when there is no material at all. And when the screw feeder just starts to start, it should gradually increase the amount of feed to know that the scheduled delivery volume can not be accomplished overnight.

When the screw feeder is working, if it is not powdery or small granular material, it must be noted that there can be no bulky material. No matter what kind of material is transported, care must be taken not to mix hard materials to prevent damage to the internal structure of the screw feeder.

When working, always pay attention to the operation of the equipment. Once you find something wrong, you must stop the inspection and repair.