Knowledge of belt scales for use in winter



Blink of an eye into the depths of winter, just when we thought it was a warm winter, the weather suddenly became very cold, we finally wrapped in a thick cotton padded clothes, gas and hope spring. However, we do not know that some equipment, especially some precision instruments, also have their winter. Belt scale as a measuring device, usually also need us to pay more attention to maintenance, then to the cold winter we need more to be maintained and maintained.

First of all, in the cold winter, when we start the electronic belt scale, try to let the electronic belt scale instrument preheat, when the belt scale machine runs into stability, then start the continuous material weighing, this approach can reduce the belt scale by Damage to extend its service life, but also to ensure the accuracy and stability of electronic belt scales.

Secondly, when we stop using the belt scale in winter, we should promptly clean up the remaining objects in the weighing rack to avoid the freezing of the materials on the machine because of the cold weather, which affects the accuracy of the belt scale. Belt scale when not in use should pay attention to antifreeze, the best coverage of object protection, to prevent the temperature is too low, the ice machine parts affect the use.

In addition, the extremely easy to freeze in winter, so the belt scale machine signal lines must not touch the water, to prevent the line from water short circuit and other issues.

Cold winter, not only pay attention to the belt scale "warmth", usually should pay more attention to some details when used.