How to use belt scale correctly?



Belt scales are the ideal equipment for continuous weighing, which measures the instantaneous flow and accumulated flow through the material on the belt conveyor ,without interrupting the material flow. Belt scales are widely used in bulk trade settlement, the production process of ingredients in the measurement and testing control. In the process of using the belt scale, how to ensure its measurement accuracy?

1.scale holder

Try to use weighing section length, stable, force transfer to a linear scale frame;

When installation should try to level;

Always clean when using


Try to choose a flexible rotation, beating small roller, each roller as evenly as possible.

3.the load cell

Select a good linear load cell, plus pre-pressure sensor to work in the linear region.


Belt thickness and width should be as uniform joints as far as possible not to use metal joints to reduce the tare changes.

5.the signal line

Belt scales weighing sensor and speed sensor signal lines to use shielded cable to reduce interference.