Function of Gravimetric Coal Feeder



The raw coal is transported to the pulverizer for grinding or to the boiler for combustion. This can be achieved by a variety of methods, such as manual shovel coal, machine shovel coal, and belt conveyors. So what's the reason for using a special machine to transport raw coal to a coal machine?

coal feeder

According to the definition of the coal feeder, a kind of equipment in which the raw coal is transported uniformly and continuously to a pulverizer or boiler in accordance with a certain flow, we can know that the amount of coal transported by the coal feeder is uniform and a certain amount.

However, other transportation methods such as manual shovel coal and belt transportation cannot uniformly provide coal for coal mills and boilers, and the amount of coal being transported is unknown. The coal feeder can continuously and accurately feed coal, and the amount of coal can be known. Taking thermal coal-fired boilers as examples of coal-fired power generation, the use of coal feeders can stably control the overheating temperature, reheating temperature, and pressure temperature, and can make the ratio of coal-fired intervals and the amount of air more appropriate. This can save both coal and energy. Keep the firepower within a certain range.

Therefore, the effect of the coal feeder is simply to make the coal supply continuous, controllable and uniform.