Analysis of Causes of Errors in Loader Scales



Loader Scales

The loader scale is a metering device currently used in many industries. It can not only help the loader to achieve rapid measurement, save work time, but also improve the company's production efficiency.

As we all know, any measurement device will have more or less error. Especially with dynamic scales, the error is relatively large, as is a loader scale. Therefore, we need to understand the sources of error and try to maintain the loader scale in a more ideal state.

Under normal circumstances, the source of loader error has the following two points to note:

1.Temperature error

Loader scales are equipped with oil pressure sensors. This type of sensor is easily affected by temperature, which is often referred to as thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, it is recommended that the operator fully perform preheating work during winter outdoor operations, such as raising the boom five or ten times, so that the oil pressure sensor is preheated to the normal operating temperature.

2. Operational error

Because the driver's operating habits are different, different errors will occur. Therefore, it is recommended that workers should try to choose a relatively flat surface when performing operations. Secondly, it is usually sufficient to lubricate the boom system of the loader so as to influence friction. Finally, pay attention to turn off the loader scale and then stop the loader.