How to determine the failure of the load cell



Load cells are an important part of belt scales . When the electronic weighing instrument is used for a long time, the equipment is aged or the external environment or due to improper operation may cause the instrument to malfunction. Weighing instrument failure may be due to a component failure. So, how can we determine if the load cell has failed? If the following phenomenon occurs, it is most likely that the load cell has failed.

1.starting weighing instrument, but did not add material, the data on the weighing instrument does not show zero, and the display has been constantly flashing.

2.when weighing, the same weight of material or weight, the displayed weight is inconsistent.

3.weighing the same object repeatedly, the weight of each display is different.

4.The data is not stable when weighed or unloaded, drifting or jumping occurs.

The above is based on the appearance of the phenomenon of judgment, but also for static weighing electronic weighing device. In order to further determine that the load cell has failed, professional measures are required: disconnect the power supply and disconnect the sensor output and input lines, and then measure the output and input impedance.

If the result is different from normal, it means that the load cell is faulty. If not , measure the output mv of the load cell under no load. If the result does not match normal, it can also be determined that the load cell is faulty.