Daily maintenance of belt scales



The accuracy and longevity of belt weighers, in addition to their performance, have a bearing on the maintenance of daily production and use. The correct use of operation, maintenance, and maintenance can ensure accuracy, reduce the occurrence of faults, and extend the service life.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the belt scale, it is necessary to perform zero adjustment before starting weighing every day or before each restart, and it is necessary to perform regular calibration. The specific calibration interval depends on the accuracy of the symmetric quantity.

It is essential to clean the belt, weighing bridge, idler, and speed sensor. If these areas are stuck with materials, dust, etc. will affect the accuracy of the weighing results. It may also affect the service life. So daily cleaning work is necessary.

The external interference of the belt is an important factor influencing the inaccuracy of the belt scale. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the belt from deviating and adjust the belt tension in time. Due to the characteristics of the belt absorbing water and not drying, if the material is too wet, not only will the belt cause zero drift, but it will also damage the belt to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid weighing materials that are too moist, or to make timely adjustments according to changes in the moisture content of the materials.

The accuracy and service life of the belt weigher rely on the maintenance of the seven points by three points. Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the belt scale in daily life.