Belt weigh feeder installation precautions



weigh belt feeder installation

First, install according to the drawings

First of all, according to the installation requirements of the drawings, install the bracket and motor bracket, and then adjust the position and install the damping spring. After the assembly is completed, the belt weighing feeder is transported to the installation site. The lifting device is used to lift the feeder and slowly placed on the damping spring. Then install the motor and connect the lines.

After installation, we need to pay attention to whether the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the direction of operation of the feeder. In addition, pay attention to observing whether the space between the chassis and the chute and under the machine leaks (usually a gap of 40 mm is required). whether or not the bolts are tightened in various places is a problem that we need to pay attention to.

Second, the trial run

After the equipment is installed, it can not be operated directly. The staff must first try whether the machine is in a normal state. Check the exciter's flexibility and check that the belt, instrument, and other components are in normal operation.