New Technology of Belt Scale Calibration–Material Overlay and Self-calibration Technology



According to the weighing principle of the belt weigher, the material is on the belt, and the weight of the material is transmitted to the scale rack through the belt to obtain the weight of the material.Due to the tension of the belt, the hardness of the belt and other factors, the weight of the material on the belt cannot be truly transmitted to the scale rack.

The belt weigher installed on the belt conveyor is different due to the length, width, speed, conveying volume, installation position, vibration and operating conditions of each belt conveyor, resulting in the tension of every belt and the soft and hard degree of the belt .etc influence factors are not the same. These influencing factors cannot be calculated and can only be compensated by material calibration. In other words, each belt weigher installed must be individually compensated for the material transfer on the belt conveyor in order to obtain accurate measurement results.

Belt conveyor is limited by the use of conditions, it is difficult to use the material calibration method to calibrate the belt weigher, often using hanging code, chain code, cyclic chain code simulation of belt weigher calibration compensation, and these analog calibration methods on the belt Tension, belt hardness and other factors have great differences in compensation. Although the belt scale has been calibrated and calibrated, there is still a large error between the weighing result and the actual weighing.

In order to solve the problem of large measurement errors and poor long-term stability of belt weighers, SANON has developed material superposition and self-calibration technology.

Material superposition and self-calibration technology, using on-site automatic reclaiming, after weighing with less materials, in the normal conveying process of the belt conveyor (the whole belt is covered with materials), the belt weigher can be calibrated and compensated at any time, and the calibration accuracy is high. , Solved the problem of difficult physical calibration on the spot, can not be calibrated in time.