Belt scale maintenance tips



1.Belt scale equipment needs to be cleaned regularly.

Belt surface to be cleaned regularly, usually 5-7 days to clean. Weighing area rollers, bridges and speed sensors are areas that require intensive cleaning.

2.Pay attention to belt deviation.

Conveyor belts should be kept running along the conveyor centerline. If the belt deviation, timely adjustment. It is recommended to use anti-run bias roller adjustment.

3.Use  belt tensioner

Belt scale accuracy will be affected by the belt tension. Conveyor belt will be loose after running for a period of time, then belt tensioner can be used to adjust the belt tension.

4.the conveyor belt is not allowed to be overloaded

Conveyor belt load should be kept within the set range (recommended for the range of 50% to 80%). High or low load will bring error.

5.regular calibration or zero adjustment.

Zeroing frequency is generally 1 to 2 days, calibration frequency of about 15 days time. Regardless of zero or calibration, it is best to first clean the equipment to prevent errors.

Simple maintenance to ensure the accuracy of the long-term stability of the belt scale, reducing the workload, why not?