Introduction of Belt Scale Calibration Test Chains



The static accuracy of the belt weighers can reach ±0.125%, ±0.25%, etc. depending on the model. However, belt weighers are used for dynamic weighing, and the working environment is not ideal, so belt weighers need to be calibrated regularly. There are many ways to calibrate a belt scale, and physical calibration is the most accurate method. However, the physical calibration procedure is cumbersome, and it takes labor, material resources and time costs to operate. Now introduce a fully automatic cycle chain code calibration device, simple operation, accurate verification results.

The automatic cycle chain code calibration device consists of six main parts: standard cyclic chain code, chain code support, chain code drive, chain code lift system, chain code speedometer, and PLC control system. The circular closed block chain cycle can highly simulate the running of the real object on the belt, and the check is accurate. The entire system is controlled by the PLC. The belt speed, calibration time, instantaneous flow rate, cumulative value, etc. can all be automatically controlled, recorded and displayed, saving manpower.